"High Roller" Bob - The Original Bond

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With the first James Bond film not debuting until 1956 with "Dr. No," "High Roller" Bob was Bond before Bond came to the big screen. "Bob Le Flambeur" is a film that has the ability to stay relatively current even fifty years later. This film has obvious influence on both the films of the Bond franchise and also other films such as the "Ocean's..." franchise and other heist films. In the film, Bob is an old-time thief still looking for his big break. He gets the chance when he hears of a local hotel that has cash beyond his wildest dreams. Before the plan is set in motion, he abides by all of the Bond-like playboy rules that have been set since Bond has taken over in the U.S:

Rule number 1: Dress the Part.
- Bob has a different suit for every different mood he has. In every scene, he is dressed to the nine's in a different suit he had been wearing before.

Rule number 2: Display Swagger.
- That's right, I said it. Bob has swagger. He displays a sort of confidence that is unrivaled by anyone else in the film. Of course with the exception of his young protege, who is only trying to emulate Bob's every action.

Rule number 3: Be a Womanizer.
- While Mr. 007 shows an extreme affection for married woman, our man Bob doesn't discriminate. Whether its the gorgeous blonde, played by the beautiful Isabelle Corey, or the older woman who works at his favorite watering hole, Bob loves women.

Rule number 4: Get Money.
- Not only does Bob finally catch that streak of luck he's been looking for all of his life, but he manages to put together a very intricate plan to rob the bank. Even though the plan was sabotaged in very Bond-like fashion by a jealous and greedy woman, Bob still ends up with his share of cash in the end.

With all of this, it's not surprising to see the new age heist films of the day still thieving, pun intended, from old French New Wave Cinema.


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