It was good while it lasted...

Within a span of days, Detroit sports fans were stunned by two very big loses - Tiger Stadium and the Wings' subpar performance against the Penguins in the cup finals. Granted that Tiger Stadium has become yet another eyesore in the city, its mere presence (what was left of it anyway) was alone enough to keep hope alive in fans of the possibilities of the restoration of the old ballpark on Michigan and Trumbull. However, a final vote was taken to ensure its complete demolition. As far as the Red Wings are concerned, their performance can be subbed up in three words: lack of heart. Pittsburgh showed they wanted it more by pulling off a must-win in Game 6 and then stunning the Wings and their sea of red fans in their own backyard in a Game 7 that did not live up to the hype. (Does hockey even really get hyped up anymore though?) Regardless, Detroit fans are left to ponder what's next as we endure a long summer of Tigers Baseball and yet another high-blood-pressure causing Lions season until the Wings hit the Joe again.


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